About Us


ALFA MAX SERVICES @ ALFA COURIER (AC) is a License Courier (LPP-1/2015/C/7(7) and specialized Dispatch services located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are dedicated to the collection and delivery of time-sensitive documents for law firms, advocates, financial institutions, corporate office, collages, clinic and other professionals.

Our Strengths

Network is a key component for a world – class Courier Company, however, we are much more than
that at ALFA MAX SERVICES @ ALFA COURIER (AC), we have dedicated resources at the right
stress points to ensure a smooth flow of delivery

Hundreds of our team members many on the field and many more in our offices work hard to make sure the pick –ups are done on time, and that deliveries happen efficiently these are the invisible hands that move documents and cargo, from source to destination

We have put in place comprehensive mission critical infrastructure by cutting edge Information Technology systems. Widespread  use  of  intelligent control systems and its efficient management. Highly  flexible  and  adaptive capacity  of  transport  and  logistics operation system.

Our purpose–built IT systems guarantee smooth, seamless operations. Our exclusive online services empower customers to process shipments, place pick-up request, & view monthly invoices, airway bills, stationery requisitions, delivery notifications & others.

We are the industry heads and deliver the most reliable and trendy solutions for all your courier needs.


Be a global player in the courier industry, with excellence in products and services. To fully understand and exceeds our customer’s needs, wants and preferences and provide greater value to our customers than our competitors.


To plan, develop and continuously improve our facilities and services. To be customer driven in everything we do. To provide an ideal working environment that boosts co-operation and teamwork. Provide quality service that exceeds your expectation with professional commitment to continuous improvement.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.